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 Adult Fiction




“Sofie and Max’s impasses were authentic. Their dialogue—easy, inciting, passionate, soul-baring. … Their predicaments were genuine and convincing. The decisions and choices they made were relatable and rational, yet compellingly draw the reader in. … EVERYTHING THAT WAS US is magnificently written. Filled with raw and visceral emotion. Passionate, compelling, heartbreaking. Makes you want to chase a love like that wherever in the world you need to go to find it, keep it, and never let it go. Like Heathcliffe and Cathy…Sofia and Max share a true, rare and everlasting love that transcends time.”

~Gia of @GiaScribes 2020


"Some books you just know as soon as you read the first sentences that they will make an impact on you, this is the first book I read by Graziani but it will for sure not be my last because honestly it’s been a long time since a book left me with so many feelings as I read the last sentence and put down the book."

“An evocative story of a love that never ran its course, and, therefore, became unrivaled—the eternal predicament of choice and what could have been. Intense and heart-wrenching. I could not put it down.”

~Lu of Lu Reviews ( @lureviewsbooks)

“Such a beautifully written book!! …It made me smile and cry at the same time.”

~Musfira Sultana Siddiqui (@musfira.)

"Where to start! This book had me on a rollercoaster of emotions from the very first page. Escaping to beautiful Italy was exactly what I needed during a cold and miserable January and E. Graziani’s descriptions did not disappoint." Hannah Clarke (@LoveBooksActually)

"Everything That Was Us is a beautifully crafted novel between a man on the edge of death, and his lover and the reminiscences of their time together through the span of four decades.
E. Graziani really knows how to grab the reader's attention, whether it be through the gorgeous detailed Italian landscape descriptions or the sweet, delicious twists in the plot." Bookworm.Jules


Young Adult


BREAKING FAITH - a contemporary fiction novel


This heart-wrenching look at child and teen mental illness, homelessness, and drug abuse is now available worldwide. Download the book study guide here.


'Reminiscent of notable classic titles such as 'Go Ask Alice' and Alice Childress's seminal work, 'A Hero Ain't Nothin' but a Sandwich', Graziani's heartrending novel is a gritty, realistic voyage through a teen's path of despair and the all-too-tempting panacea of self-medication through drugs, which soon destroys those who would "chase the dragon." VERDICT Many older teens will connect with this believable portrait of a teen experience with homelessness and addiction.'

-Denise Kim, Bronx High School of Science, NY © Copyright 2017. School Library Journal

Breaking Faith
*Read Aloud Prologue & Chapter 1(YouTube)*

WAR IN MY TOWN: A memoir for young readers (but totally readable for any age group.)

Bruna is the youngest of seven children, living an idyllic life in a small Italian village in northern Tuscany.  Her peaceful life is shattered when her village and its occupants find themselves in the center of the final stages of fighting between the Nazis and the Allied forces pursuing them - the final front defended by the Nazis in Europe. This important book chronicles Bruna's life during WWII, in her beloved village in Tuscany.  A true story. **Shortlisted best book in the non-fiction category in the 23rd Annual Hamilton Literary Awards. Selected a Best Book for Kids and Teens, 2015, Canadian Children's Book Centre.**  Download the book study guide here.

War in My Town
*Read Aloud Preface & Part 1(YouTube)*



Praise for...

-Breaking Faith- contemporary YA novel

“Told in Faith's tortured voice, this novel traces the path of despair as she loses everything that a growing young woman needs to survive and thrive.... Graziani's heartrending novel is a gritty, realistic voyage through a teen's path of despair and the all-too-tempting panacea of self-medication through drugs, which soon destroys those who would 'chase the dragon.' Many older teens will connect with this believable portrait of a teen experience with homelessness and addiction.” - School Library Journal

“Breaking Faith is an unflinching look at mental illness and addiction. The events of Faith’s life are heartbreaking, the more so for being completely believable. The themes of mental illness, drug addiction, and life on the street as a runaway are explored in realistic detail..a truly gripping read...brilliantly written book.- VOYA Magazine

“Faith’s narration feels authentic… Breaking Faith is a thoughtful, exhaustive, and realistic account of how a child’s life can get derailed without appropriate love, nurturing, support, and (likely) some professional psychiatric care after witnessing a horrendous event… A gripping read that will impact even the most jaded teenager.” - CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"Breaking Faith is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.... E. Graziani provides a deep look into a life we need to witness so that we might walk with the Faiths of this world before we need to pull them up and rescue them or worse." - CanLit for Little Canadians

"At first glance, Breaking Faith is a highly captivating novel for teens; however, it's also subtly


educational...  Thought-provoking and genuine, it highlights how just loving and nurturing someone can


be a life-saving act." - Canadian Children's Book News


 - WAR IN MY TOWN - a memoir 



"Although the history of the Second World War is taught in secondary school, the focus tends to be on


the Western European campaigns.... the travails of the Italian villagers situated in the area of the 


Gothic Line are not nearly as well known, and Ms. Graziani has done us a favour in telling the story 


of her mother’s childhood during the war in the village of Eglio, in northern Tuscany."  - Resource Links



"Bruna's perspective as a teenage girl caught amid the hardships and horrors of war is interesting and strongly told.… War in My Town succeeds as a testament to the strength of family and community under extraordinary circumstances, and as a tiny window into a little-known fragment of the Second World War." - Quill & Quire Magazine


"Many books have been written about the Nazi occupation of other parts of Europe, but fewer exist about Italian experiences, and Graziani deserves praise for presenting this part of the war to young readers." - CM - Canadian Review of Materials

"War in My Town is the clear and perfect title of the memoir, capturing the immediacy and the seeming impossibility of living with war at home.... Chapters sharing the story of Bruna's life are interwoven with brief, clear chapters explaining the progress of the war, as the Nazis dig in and the Allies move inexorably toward Eglio." Canadian Children's Book News


"War in My Town is an incredibly rich historical narrative... Any history lesson about WWII would be incomplete without a recommendation to read this book." - Canadian Teacher Magazine

"...a beautifully written story that is made all the more poignant for being real. I strongly recommend you read it." - t! Magazine (London, United Kingdom)


 "War in My Town is a title that would make a great addition to the middle and high school library. It would be a good choice for the classroom when studying World War II since it shows how ordinary citizens in a small Italian village overcame the odds and survived the perils of war." Catholic Library World

"With emotional dialogue and tense scenes, Graziani paints an unforgettable portrait of the Nazi occupation of Italy. Complete with black-and-white photographs of the heroine’s family and a map of Europe, War in My Town is a compelling, life-affirming memoir of conflict, love and loss, and the power of human resilience against almost-unfathomable odds." - The National Reading Campaign

© 2021 by Edy Graziani